5 Management Skills You Can Learn While Working From Home With Your Kids

  • While confinement with your family can start to get boring (your kids probably think so too), there are several valuable business lessons you can learn while being with your kids.
  • Maria Haggerty is a CEO who started her business while simultaneously raising two daughters and learned some parenting skills that easily translate into managerial skills for running a business or working as a team.
  • Stick to a daily schedule, set and reward yourself with small goals, and be responsible for getting things done, whether it’s work chores or household chores.
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Working from home with children presents all kinds of challenges: time management, interpersonal conflicts, frequent distractions, and boundary issues, to name a few. But the situations you face and overcome at home create opportunities to learn and develop management skills that can also be applied at work.

Having started my business 20 years ago while raising two daughters, I understand that it is a real balancing act to work from home with children – I don’t know anyone who has mastered it completely. However, I’ve learned quite a few lessons along the way, and I want to share a few here.


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