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A new company is taking over management of Rochester’s six public parking ramps and five surface lots.

Rochester City Council approved a change in November, but little immediate change is expected when the new contract begins in January, according to Nick Lemmer, the marketing and outreach coordinator for Rochester Public Transit and Parking.

Here are some things to know about the change:

1. Parking Meter Service Lanier has held the city contract since 2011.

The Atlanta-based parking management department has entered into two five-year contracts with the city, as well as a one-year extension to cover 2021.

The company was one of five to submit proposals for the management of the city’s ramps and parking lots.

2. SP Plus Corp. was a unanimous choice.

An evaluation panel reviewed the five proposals and selected two – Lanier and SP Plus – for interviews with a panel of representatives from the city, Experience Rochester and the Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency.

The panel members all recommended a contract with SP Plus, which was approved by Rochester City Council on November 15.

3. The new contact covers five years, with increased management costs.

The new $ 1.4 million contract covers the years 2022 to 2026.

In a report to the council, Ia Xiong, the city’s director of transit development, said that the costs of running SP Plus were higher than those of Lanier, but the Chicago-based company was the only company to have provided at least two recommendations in their proposal to increase revenues and decrease operating costs that are necessary to cover all operating expenses.

“If these recommendations were implemented and the additional revenue and / or cost savings were recognized, additional revenue would help offset the higher annual management costs offered by SP +,” she wrote.

4. The main public change will concern contractors.

While no immediate operating plan is expected, those with monthly parking contracts have been advised that they must send payments to SP Plus at the start of the year.

As noted in the city’s 2022 budget, parking rates will not increase next year as city staff continue to update their rate study in the wake of the impacts of COVID-19.

5. Future changes are planned.

Xiong said that Lanier and SP Plus each provided answers to a demand for added value to the proposed contract, but SP Plus stood out with the potential to use technology to manage increased demand and a variety of parking customers. seen downtown.

“SP + identified technology solutions with mobile apps, an updated website and a response command center that would reduce labor costs, increase customer service levels and improve revenue, ”she wrote, noting that the references provided by the company supported the commitment to update. .


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