5 time management skills to master before you hit 30


They say life is too short to live and time management is the urgent need of the hour. Discover 5 effective time management skills to master before you turn 30.

They say life is too short to live and time management is the urgent need of the hour. Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer and activist sums up the heart of time management beautifully in the lines below:

Yes! Time management is about how you decide to spend the rest of your life. Saving or wasting time is in your hands as you are the one and only owner of your precious asset i.e. time. These days you can take milestones and mark your destiny!!

Here are some tips to master before reaching the age of 30. These tips will help you experience a rising career graph that will not only make you successful, but also make you a more productive employee.

1. Stop procrastinating

There is a Spanish proverb that says “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” And that’s the biggest problem with procrastination. It makes you lazy and inefficient. People who find it difficult to kick this habit become victims of poor performance in productive office hours and are never able to submit their projects on time.

Therefore, you need to quit this bad habit from now on and time management will become a piece of cake. There are several ways that will help you get rid of this problem:

a) Plan your day

b) Prioritize tasks

c) Stop thinking and worrying about work rather than doing it

d) Start your day with the most difficult task and finish it as soon as possible

2. Plan and set your own deadlines

Setting your deadlines will help you overcome the lingering problem of procrastination. Whether it is your student, family or professional life, it is necessary that you set deadlines for the tasks set. Missing deadlines should be viewed as your inability to manage time for the specified task.

Also in your professional life, an important criterion to measure the effectiveness of your performance will be to achieve the objectives on time. Failure to meet the deadline may also result in a penalty. You might find yourself in the situation mentioned by the lady in the someecards.


In order to deliver the works on time, you must inquire and list the works according to their priorities. Setting the priority will make your day more manageable and the tasks will also seem manageable.

3. Avoid distractions

The inability to manage enough available time with you is a “DISTRACTION”. This is the cause for concern and should be avoided at all costs. According to the Huffington Post, the average worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking email. Other distractions such as mobile messages, Facebook and instant chat options also weigh on the number of productive hours.

These distractions will reduce your concentration and make you inefficient at work. But to name a few, it was all about external distractions, on the other hand, you have to fight internal distractions as well. These include problems, negative thoughts, perceived obstacles in work, low self-esteem, and many others.

In order to become more effective, you need to silence internal and external distractions. Don’t let these distractions cripple your concentration and make you ineffective.


4. Self-control is a hidden key

Taking short breaks between work is advisable and rejuvenates you. On the contrary, do not lose track of time and do not let yourself be influenced by other trivial tasks. Self-control is a necessary ingredient to mastering the art of time management, as it helps you maintain a balance between the variety of tasks at hand.

This servant summarizes the secret of self-mastery and also mentions the repercussions of not being able to practice self-mastery.


Saint Thomas Aquinas, a medieval philosopher and theologian, once said that “people who control themselves are able to do the right things to stay healthy and happy.”

In corporate life or wherever you go, your behavior will be judged on the basis of the degree to which you practice self-control.

5. Meditate

Meditation acts as a panacea for those who struggle to manage their time and maintain work-life balance. A few minutes of meditation will surely help you stay focused and calm. As a result, you will find yourself in a better state to concentrate and work effectively. If a task used to take six hours, you may now be able to complete it in just three hours.

To serve you better, read this comic below, in which a boss explains to his employee the secret of time management. Only meditation can help you if it is really expected of you in your workplace.


We recommend meditation because it is human nature to indulge in reflecting on the past and planning for the future. Meditation will calm the mind and bring it back to the present moment. So when the mind is in the present, we can do so much more in the same amount of time.


The key to time management is within you, and you can overcome these habits to manage your time to make the best use of it. After all, time is the greatest asset that holds the potential to make and ruin your future. It’s all up to you and how you use it.


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