A fixed asset management company rewards its employees


Topgy Systems and Management Consultants claims to have rewarded some of its outstanding employees for their contribution to the growth of the company.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Topgy Systems and Management Consultants, Tokunbo Oshinyemi announced the employees and their awards at a dinner party to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in Lagos.

“As part of our efforts to boost the morale of our employees and appreciate their contributions to the company over its 20 years in business, we have rewarded some of our employees with land,” he said. .

He said two of the recipients were former staff members who recently stepped down, adding that the company appreciates their past contributions.

He said the company, which started in Nigeria, has grown into an international brand with a presence in some African countries.

Oshinyemi said that in recognition of his contributions to the industry, the federal government recognized the company as one of the top capital asset management companies in 2012.

“One of the accomplishments is the recognition given to me personally by Commonwealth University for the Capital Capital Honors Ph.D. They gave it because of the achievement we made in the area of ​​fixed assets,” he said.

According to him, the company will make sure to strengthen its services with technology and continue to be innovative as it is the development trend globally.

He said the company was working to automate all of its processes, adding that it had launched mobile apps, among others.

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