A level C executive completes their management skills with Gies iMBA


“I moved myself, my wife and my three children from Lima, Peru, to Nairobi, Kenya between semesters and started taking my classes in a different time zone. This program is designed for this purpose. It was designed for someone like me. class from China, Ethiopia and many places in between, ”said Gerba, an iMBA 2020 graduate, who focused on digital marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Professor Geoff Love’s course on innovation management was directly applicable to the transformation underway at ILRI. I used the PowerPoint slides from my Tuesday night class to present them to the executive directors the next morning, ”he said. “I also have a better understanding of the theory behind organizational and intercultural team development, which has made it easier to choose which strategies to use in different situations. “

Gerba’s love for business and the worldview began in high school with a finance class and a service learning trip to the Dominican Republic. After graduating from the University of Miami (Ohio) in 1999, he joined Grant Thornton as a senior accountant.

“Three years later, my wife and I were working 80 hours a week nonstop, exhausted and ready for a big life change. Then September 11 came. We decided to join the Peace Corps and were assigned to the Nicaragua, ”said Gerba, who has worked with small business owners to promote sustainable ecotourism and agricultural development using principles of accounting and management. “At the end of our time, my wife and I made a pact that we would go with whoever gets the coolest job first and move there.”

Gerba heard about Land O’Lakes’ international development division at a career fair. A month later, they hired him as a financial analyst and quickly promoted him to the position of financial controller of the member-owned agrifood cooperative. He eventually led the program management operations and risk management teams that supported 45 USAID / USDA projects in 23 countries. Seven years later, he moved to Lima to become financial director of the International Potato Center (CIP) in Peru.

“When I left Peace Corp, I thought MBAs were only for people in finance, banking, and consulting. a better, more ambidextrous leader who understands how to tap into the diversity of team members from 36 countries, ”said Gerba.


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