A “truly transformational” portfolio management company


Instead of building the same technology as other Canadian robots, she bought the best systems and development dollars hyper-focused on improving the advisor-client interaction. The QSuite technology offering brings together an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications that unifies CRM and customer portal, behavioral finance, financial planning, investments, insurance, with automated aggregation of accounts and monitoring of customer flows. real-time cash flow on the client’s entire financial situation.

Clive Cholerton, Executive Partner, said, “When a company comes to us, in addition to giving them all the technology, we really step in and work with them from a practice management perspective.

“We’re really going to show them how to tie the financial plan to the portfolio, how they can maximize the skills and capabilities of their staff and ensure that all of their team members have a real career path, so they stay on for a long time. term, while reaching their full potential.

He added, “We don’t just offer technology to advisors and say, ‘I wish you the best.’ We say, “We are going to provide you with great technology, we are going to teach you how to work with it, to create an experience that will delight customers.”

“Then we’ll help you accelerate the growth of your business, so that you put more money in your pocket at the end of the day. “


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