Administration needs industrial-type management skills | Letters to the Editor


In the industrial world, management is proactive, not reactive, and understands the basic economics of supply and demand.

Business leaders spend a considerable amount of time assessing what crises might arise and reviewing all scenarios to prevent them. The current government only seems to be responsive and deal with problems after they have turned into a crisis. Good examples of this are withdrawing from Afghanistan without a withdrawal plan, sending billions in stimulus money without having software security to prevent international scammers from scamming hundreds of billions, and not dealing with issues of delivery as a shortage of baby food until they become a crisis. Once a crisis occurs, it takes time and more money to fix it.

Most business leaders have taken a basic economics course and understand that to manage well, you have to consider supply and demand, not just demand like this administration does. You can’t keep spending money that doesn’t exist and spending billions to subsidize electric vehicle manufacturing while trying to shut down oil and natural gas exploration and production. Our power grid is already stressed and experiencing brownouts. Nor can it be done if wind and solar are the only sources of green energy. Doing a simple engineering study would have revealed that electric power consumption in 2021 was 3,930 terawatt hours, 62% produced by fossil fuels. Replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar will never be achieved and will take about 1% of our remaining land and cost trillions of dollars. A slow transition should be expected.


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