American Print Consultants Launches Color Management Services Division


Chambersburg, PA – American Print Consultants (APC), a leading distributor of large format printers, supplies and services, is proud to announce the launch of its color management service. Color management has long been viewed by APC owners as a necessary step in achieving optimum output and getting the most out of the equipment.

APC’s latest addition, Tony Rojas, will lead the Color Management Services Department. Tony has over 30 years of industry experience and has worked and consulted with companies with critical color needs, such as Duggal Visual Solutions, Coloredge Graphics and Sandy Alexander, to name a few. . He is well known in the United States and abroad, especially for his expertise in color management for textile applications. He comes to APC armed with the most important accreditations and certifications for the color management process.

“We’ve known Tony and have worked closely with him for a long time, contracting him on projects that required very precise colors,” said Dave Mee, partner at APC. “Watching Tony work, you immediately notice how analytical he is in his approach to data collection and profiling. Even more than that is his utter enthusiasm for everything he does – I don’t think I’ve met someone more passionate about color and print than Tony!

“We have been courting Tony to work exclusively for us for several years,” said Rob Almstrom, Partner at APC. “In the end, everything lined up and we are delighted to have him as an official member of the team. Tony’s work ethic, technical skills and passion are a perfect match for APC’s service team.

APC’s Color Management Services Department completed the color control product line offerings including Barbieri Electronic, Caldera RIP and Inèdit Software. In addition, APC offers Onyx Graphics, Ergosoft, SAi and X-Rite, providing APC customers with multiple solutions for color production and management.

“I have a long relationship with Barbieri and the quality of their equipment is unmatched,” said Tony Rojas. “For many of my customers, Barbieri is the only spectroscopy solution they will use, so I am delighted that we were able to offer them as a direct distributor. I have also supported Caldera RIP for many of my large format customers, so I am delighted to represent this great product directly. Inèdit’s NeoStampa RIP is used in the apparel and textile industries and is new to me, but now having had the opportunity to play around with their unique color tools and profiling engine, I’m delighted to support and promote that too ”.


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