Bonang still at war with management company CSA and its owner Davin Phillips


TV personality and former radio host Bonang Matheba is still in an ongoing legal battle with her former management company, and the outcome of the battle appears to be in her favor.

The business row began late last year when the TV presenter took to Twitter to share shocking revelations about her former management company, Celebrity Services Africa (CSA).

Bonang told her fans and followers that she terminated her contract with the company and asked her lawyers to file criminal charges against them.

At the time, the management company said Bonang was “currently out of several contracts with various clients as she has been dropped to these brands and even her own over the past six months.”

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The former radio presenter took to Twitter on Thursday evening to denounce the CSA as well as the owner of the management company without giving much information or any update on their ongoing legal battle.

Matheba began by telling her fans and followers that she was eager to release information about Davin Phillips and all he had put her through.

She went on to explain how Phillips had been putting her and her family through hell for the past two years and that she would no longer deal with him privately, but would publicly expose the treatment she received from him. and its society.

Queen B then made allegations through her posts that Phillips tried to rob her liquor company, BNG Housefrom her, and that she is not the first person to receive this kind of unfair treatment because there are many other black creatives he has stolen from in the past.

Celebrity Services Africa sent a statement to The citizen Friday in response to Bonang’s allegations and tweets posted Thursday evening.

In the statement, the management company said the TV personality partnered with CSA in 2017, and his liquor business, BNG House was a lunch in 2019.

“These rants and praise of Ms Matheba are very unfortunate and tarnish her own dignity and reputation. This is also another attempt by Ms. Matheba to distort and manipulate the facts. To be clear, Ms. Matheba joined CSA in 2017 and the House of BNG was launched in 2019,” the statement read.

CSA then alleged that Matheba was the only party to benefit from their partnership as she earned millions of rand from her booze, while CSA is still at a loss and in the red after investing millions in her business.

“Not only was CSA invested in this business, but we were instrumental in developing and creating the brand, from the naming convention itself, to the path to market, packaging, innovation (MCC , Prestige and the concept of BNG Nectar – the sparkling wine in a can), the distribution strategy (in which we obtained listings with major retailers), the creation of the CI brand and the securing of all event partnerships”, says the press release.


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