Boyfriend has awesome time management skills


A woman goes viral because of her boyfriend’s impressive time management skills.

Keeping your priorities straight can be difficult. Finding the balance between responsibilities and hobbies is the great struggle of every adult. But TikToker Tess O’Neill wondered if her boyfriend’s way was a little too offbeat. She noticed that every time her boyfriend did “something fun,” he set a timer.

“My boyfriend puts timers every time he does something fun to make sure the fun doesn’t last too long,” O’Neill said in a video.

Although she didn’t say anything, she used a popular TikTok sound to indicate how she really felt.

“It’s not normal, and I think, you know, maybe you should get some help or something,” the snippet said.

Then the camera shifted from O’Neill’s sleazy expression to footage of her boyfriend shopping for sneakers online while a timer on his computer counted down the seconds.

The funny video has racked up 1.2 million views on TikTok.

“I would just restart the clock,” someone joked.

“My engineer husband does this because if he doesn’t he will only do fun things,” another commented.

“I have ADHD, and if I don’t do this I’m gonna waste my whole day,” one TikToker added.

“My dad does this, and every time I witness I’m flabbergasted,” one person wrote.

“I do it with TikTok because I would never turn it off,” one user replied.

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