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Growing competition has made it even more demanding for working professionals to provide quick returns to their organization by effectively managing various internal departments and business processes.

In this era of knowledge-based economy and flow of technological innovations, business success greatly depends on the ability to continuously improve business processes and achieve business excellence.

Business Excellence Leads to Sustainable Organizational Excellence

Business Excellence can be used effectively to assess and improve overall organizational excellence in the areas of leadership, strategy and planning, product quality, service delivery, people, bottom line, information and knowledge, security and much more.

Need the hour

Growing competition has made it even more demanding for working professionals to provide quick returns to their organization by effectively managing various internal departments and business processes.

Therefore, organizations are constantly looking for employees with four key skills, namely

  • Visionary leadership
  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Strategy and Development
  • Team spirit and interpersonal skills

In order to meet the expectations of organizations, today’s professionals must necessarily possess these skills and broaden their horizons to identify scalable opportunities and fully assume managerial responsibilities.

Only professionals who master these skills will win in this 21st century workplace.

And, to help you do that, IIM Kozhikode (4th best management school in India according to the NIRF 2021 ranking released by the Ministry of Education) has recently launched the General Management for Business Excellence program.

Whether you are a business leader or simply want to improve your general management skills, this program will help accelerate your career path as well as your personal growth.

General Management for Business Excellence Program Details

IIM Kozhikode and Emeritus Executive Education’s General Management for Business Excellence Program aims to establish a solid foundation among business leaders on how to drive continuous outstanding performance and bring about change positive in their organizations.

This will help them learn the approach followed by the best organizations in the world to achieve excellence in the most practical and applicable way.

In addition, the course will enable participants to develop general management skills to broaden their strategic understanding of business to accelerate their careers in the 21st century workplace.

Redefining Business Excellence

The professional certificate program will help learners acquire functional knowledge in key areas of business management and develop superior business acumen. Additionally, it will help them master the nuances and skills needed to strengthen management systems and create value for stakeholders.

The program is specifically designed to identify and reflect current challenges and opportunities, management practices and offer integrated learning in a holistic way.

The critical perspective gained through this course will help learners grow into leadership positions. The course will help learners master their leadership skills, strategic thinking, business skills, learn supply chain management, and accounting and financial management, among others.

The program covers everything professionals need to be market-ready in today’s dynamic, technology-centric and data-driven business world. From management fundamentals to innovative thinking, financial viability, leadership, strategy and analysis, this program is truly a boon for aspirants.

Benefits of Enrolling in General Management Program for Business Excellence by IIM Kozhikode

Participants can benefit from the program in the following ways.

  • Learn to manage operational profitability
  • Learn how to grow and scale your business
  • Learn how to use data effectively
  • Create competitive value for your organization
  • Learn how to maximize customer experience and build loyalty
  • Explore innovative digital business models
  • Create innovative value in the market
  • Study emerging market trends

Who can register for the program?

Eligible participant must be a graduate (10+2+3) or degree holder (10+2+3) from a recognized university in any discipline, as well as post-graduation work experience from at least 1 year as of September 30, 2022.

The program is ideal for professionals at every stage of the business, from early career professionals looking to change careers, to mid-level professionals looking to enhance their management abilities and leadership traits , senior executives looking for skills and business acumen to scale their organization, or entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for leadership skills.

Improve your skills online and apply learnings in real time

Batch 4 of the General Management for Business Excellence Program begins September 30, 2022. The program will run over a period of 10 months via 3 hours of immersive and interactive live online learning sessions every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. at 12:00 p.m. PM.

Participants will learn through interactive online pedagogy delivered online by IIM Kozhikode Distinguished Professors, Global Distinguished Professors and renowned industry experts. Through a stimulating mix of lectures, real-life case studies, practical exercises, assignments and quizzes, learners will be prepared to intelligently tackle the dynamic and changing work environment.

Participants will also be able to explore digital business models, virtual environments and business analytics. They will learn through various simulations and a capstone project.

Upon successful completion of the program and meeting the assessment criteria of minimum passing grades and at least 75% attendance, participants will receive a certificate of completion and the prestigious alumni status of teaching. higher IIM Kozhikode. This will help them build a robust peer-to-peer network.

In addition, participants will also have access to the Emeritus online portal where they can apply for job placement assistance and benefit from Emeritus career services, including creating an impressive CV and LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews, etc., which will enable them to proactively manage their careers.


Be part of this powerful and innovative program and improve your skills to make the leap into a modern, technology-centric business world. Apply now for IIM Kozhikode’s General Management for Business Excellence program.

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