Celebrating forest management skills in Kilkenny


The Acorn Project encourages the public to join them at 11am on August 27 in Rathbeagh, Ballyraggett for a fake workshop with fake expert Chris Hayes. This is the first in a series of unique meitheal workshops hosted by the Acorn Project over the fall and winter months, exploring traditional land management skills and their role in managing land for the biodiversity, including: mowing, seed saving, leaf mould, coppicing, tree planting. and hedge laying.

Run as a meitheal, not only will people learn new skills, but they will also have the opportunity to come together as a community to support neighbors working on the land. Meitheal is an old Irish term that describes how neighbors would come together collectively to help save crops or with other tasks. This event is the first Meitheal of the Acorn Project and will take place in Rathbeagh in County Kilkenny.

Whether you are a landowner, farmer or gardener, whether you cultivate a wildflower meadow, whether you have a meadow near a body of water or a heritage site or simply want to sustainably manage an area at the he mower’s helper, this workshop is an opportunity to learn more about traditional know-how. The mowing workshop will cover how to set up the scythe and mowing technique, looking at scythe sharpening and maintenance, discuss haymaking, wildflower meadow management and all types of vegetation. Fakes will be provided for the workshop, but participants are also welcome to bring their own. Fakes will also be available for purchase on the day.

Rathbeagh, from the Irish Rathbeathach means the Rath of the birches. It is located in an ancient valley formerly called Mágh Airgid Rois (The Silverwood Plain). Situated on the banks of the River Nore, Rathbeagh is home to the Mound of Eireamhon, the burial place of one of Ireland’s first high kings. Traditionally the Mound, or inner ring around the Rath, was cleared by the ancestors using scythes and slashers and this event will see the restoration of this ancient practice.

The Acorn Project is a non-profit organization working in forest school, community seed saving and nature-based learning programs that empower communities to take action in ecological restoration by reconnecting with their local wild spaces. thanks to the forest school, the connection with nature and the sharing of skills.

Their vision encompasses a two-thousand-year project to restore the oak forests of this land, acorn by acorn, and in doing so, also restore our human relationship with nature. They believe in community-led action in ecological restoration. Over the seasons, they aim to develop and expand community seed saving and nursery projects, learning and wellness programs and work collaboratively towards larger rewilding programs.

For details contact Maura on 0863104008 or book on ww.theacornproject.ie




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