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Middlesex College New Brunswick Center will host “Time Management Strategies for College Students” on Tuesday, November 2 from 2 pm to 2 pm via Zoom.

Center New Brunswick education advisor Michelle Dahl said she will moderate the event and the program is open to all students.

Dahl said the main presenter will be Middlesex College advisor Lafayette Smith.

“Smith will provide advice and guidance regarding the effective management of a student’s busy schedule and provide an approach to perform a self-assessment of how a student’s all time is being used each week, not only class and study time, but also work, sleep, family time, leisure, etc. [Students will learn] how to create a functional curriculum that takes into account all the demands of a student’s time, ”Dahl said.

Olivia Lopez, a psychology major from Middlesex College, said, “Being able to understand how to divide your work activities will be a beneficial thing to learn in order to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Dahl said Smith will also talk about effective study habits while leaving time for questions and answers.

“Smith works in the Department of Counseling Services on the main campus and also at the New Brunswick Center on Tuesdays from 1 to 6 p.m.,” said Dahl.

Josh Hoffman, a games and animation major from Middlesex College, said it would be an amazing event to attend as it would help balance his life with school, work, friends and family.

Dahl said that while students need help throughout the semesters, Smith provides transfer, academic and personal counseling to students at his two locations.

“I provide academic advice and support to students who choose to use the New Brunswick Center as a point of service in Middlesex,” said Dahl.

“Many students who visit the New Brunswick Center live or work in New Brunswick, or take classes at the Center, but our staff are there to provide student services to any student at Middlesex College,” said Dahl.

“I have ADHD and time management is definitely something I need to work on. I tend to rush because I put things off at the last minute and would learn so much from the presenter, ”Hoffman said.

“We offer enrollment assistance, financial aid including workshops and one-on-one assistance to complete the Free Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA), tests, academic counseling and more,” said Dahl.

“Our center at 140 New Street has 10 fully equipped classrooms, a computer lab, quiet study spaces and a student lounge,” Dahl said.

Dahl said there is also a Central New Brunswick club, which provides students with the opportunity to learn leadership skills and get involved in the local community.

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