CI Financial expands again with an agreement with an American wealth management company


“Columbia Pacific has built remarkable alternative wealth management and asset management businesses focused on achieving the best possible results for their clients and investors,” he said. “Their success is due to highly skilled and committed management teams with extensive experience in financial services and other businesses. “

For Columbia Pacific, which has offices in Seattle and San Francisco, CI’s investment will allow it to expand the services it offers to its clients.

“CI has earned a reputation for investing in the best people, and we are delighted to partner with them as they permanently invest in our businesses,” said Alex Washburn, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CPWM and CPA. “On behalf of our management teams, I would like to thank our colleagues at CPWM and CPA for their drive, commitment and continued focus on providing exceptional service and performance to our clients and investors. We have just started! “

Largest business sector

Once this and other transactions are completed, US wealth management will become CI’s largest business line in terms of assets, going beyond basic asset management and Canadian wealth management. CI’s total assets worldwide are expected to be approximately US $ 293 billion (C $ 375 billion).


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