City of Lawton partners with Infrastructure Management Services


LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – The City of Lawton is hiring an outside company to assess road conditions.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) has been around for a while, but this is the first time the City has brought this type of technology to Lawton.

In a few weeks, residents will see them inspecting streets across the city, according to Director of Public Works Larry Wolcott.

“Overall, we’re going to be looking at all roads in the city, whether it’s a collector or a local thoroughfare like Cache Road,” he said. “And that will give us a way to prioritize fixing all those roads.”

The company, IMS, uses cameras, lasers and other sensors to determine the severity of road conditions.

They will look for areas of wear, cracking, rutting and flooding.

Tom Goodyear, principal operator of the IMS Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS), said the process will be simple and speed things up.

“Will capture all information at once and geolocate it,” Goodyear said.

IMS President Kurt Kiefer explained what LCMS is.

“LCMS technology provides a continuous downward scan of the road surface. This allows us to objectively and repeatedly identify and classify different types of pavement surface cracks,” he said.

Lawton Public Works Director Larry Wolcott said they plan to use this information to create a five-year road construction plan.

“We will eventually assign a Pavement Rating to each road for PCI to score. And we will use this score to evaluate the routes and put them on the priority list for repair. In the past, it was just a visual survey. Looking at it, that includes the opinion of that person looking down the road,” he said.

The project is funded by the street maintenance portion of the PAC,

Wolcott said the survey project with IMS will cost about $450,000.

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