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Councilman Lafayette Smith is hosting a workshop on time management strategies on March 1 from 5-6 p.m. via Zoom.

Smith said he’s hosted this event several times before, and the workshop was aimed at helping students better manage their time, especially when it comes to completing homework and studying.

Smith said: “A big concern for students is how to manage their time. It’s not like high school. It’s a skill you need to be successful.

Smith said, “I’ve been here for over 20 years, and I’ve been doing this since I wasn this department. Time management is something that students are interested in even in other schools. Right now, time management is a big deal with COVID-19. You have to take the time to study. You have to find ways to succeed. »

A diary to help with time management

Yolanda Picado, Culinary Arts student, said: “I think the time management workshop would definitely help someone who is struggling to balance their time with their school work, as some people get overwhelmed when they are entrusted with many tasks or tasks to do and do’ I don’t know how to plan to do everything accordingly.

“Some of my colleagues have taken part in the time workshop, and I have done it with other people. The more the merrier,” Smith said.

Trenyce Vincent, a student at Allied Health, said: ‘I don’t think it’s necessary to take time out of your day to learn how not to waste time. I would prefer a PowerPoint with contact information so I can come to you at my own pace with my questions. »

Smith said, “You can get a different point of view from another professional, sometimes it’s still a presentation.”

Business student Joshua Liberato said: “No, I feel like someone could tell us all the strategies and tips to be better with time management, but some of the tips that might work for them can not work for me.”

Liberato said he had trouble managing his time.

Smith said that for students to get good grades, they need a certain amount of sleep, and they need to know how to structure breaks.

Liberato said, “I think it gets both difficult and overwhelming at times when you’re trying to balance your personal life with your academics when every class is overloading you with work.”

Business student Genesis Vargas said, “I try to learn new strategies, but they never stick. Sometimes it gets difficult when I try to balance all my work while taking care of other responsibilities. »


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