Debt management firm Collectius partners with NTT Data and Microsoft to optimize platform – Back End News


Collectius, a leading Southeast Asian (SEA) financial institution debt restructuring partner, recently partnered with Microsoft and NTT Data to optimize operations for better customer service and enable more people to effectively manage their debts.

Collectius offers its clients professional consumer credit management services based on the latest technologies. With more than four million customers in the Philippines and other SEA markets, the company provides its customers with expert advice and manageable and flexible repayment plans.

Seeking to provide the best customer experience, Collectius explored customer relationship management (CRM) solutions capable of automating communication, easily integrating with third-party APIs such as payment gateways for online payments and analyze customer data. Collectius has chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the preferred solution for both its immediate needs and its plans for the future.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a sophisticated suite of business enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications. By leveraging this solution, Collectius was able to fully modernize its cloud-based debt management platform and create new services for a smoother and more personalized customer experience.

NTT Data, a Microsoft Preferred Partner, provided essential support to Collectius to strengthen the delivery of its existing digital strategy and migration to Dynamics 365 from its initial implementation in the Philippines to the process of deployment in other markets. .

Customers will benefit from a wide range of enhanced innovative services such as payment plans tailored to their specific needs, a self-service portal enabling 24/7 on-demand availability through the customer portal, and a streamlined digital payment process with virtually zero downtime. With Dynamics 365, customers are also assured of the highest industry compliance and security requirements on the platform.

Collectius leveraged all Microsoft Azure services and reports through Microsoft Power BI. This has provided a wide range of interconnected services that accelerate the development, automation, reporting and analysis of customer data in real time.

As a result of these implementations, Collectius saw a significant increase in customer service scores and a 30% productivity improvement in the countries where the platform was launched.


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