Fiserv Introduces New Cash Management Services


Financial institutions can better manage liquidity in a rapidly changing market with the launch of a new feature set from Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of payment technology solutions and services financial.

With a real-time, 360-degree view of payments and liquidity, financial institutions can improve funding, strengthen compliance, and manage cash flow and risk; especially timely capabilities given the increasing volume of real-time payments and the current inflationary environment.

“Liquidity optimization is receiving increasing attention following the implementation of regulations and controls such as Basel III, BCBS 248, the move to instant payments and the global migration of high-value payment systems towards ISO 20022,” said Dudley White, Head of Financial Solutions and Risk Management at Fiserv. “Siloed treasury and payment systems can lead to inaccurate or conflicting data. With an effective liquidity management solution, financial institutions can efficiently allocate liquidity for targeted business models or compliance demands, and optimize their customers’ and their own liquidity positions, thereby improving competitiveness.

The growth of instant payment systems and the migration to ISO 20022 and faster cross-border payments are driving new approaches to cash and liquidity by financial institutions, with their customers demanding tools and processes that provide real-time information on their cash and liquidity positions. Liquidity management has evolved from regulation to a platform for cost optimization and innovation, as well as a center for revenue generation.

“With the shift to 24/7/365 real-time payment processing, growing regulatory pressure for effective and efficient intraday liquidity management, and the current inflationary environment, the need for real-time liquidity management is no has never been bigger,” said Ben Mathews, partner, financial services at consulting firm Baringa Partners LLC.

Through a new partnership with TAS Group, Fiserv offers the Aquarius Liquidity Management and Payment Flow Monitoring solution that enables financial institutions to proactively monitor and manage their liquidity positions across all payment types. In combination with Fiserv’s enterprise payments platform, Aquarius provides a robust liquidity management and payment flow monitoring solution with unparalleled real-time visibility into end-of-day and intraday conditions across all currencies, legal entities, internal and external cash flow sources, and direct and indirect settlement relationships.

“With more than 20 installations in 6 countries and many banks using it, Aquarius is a proven and successful solution. We offer global reach and, through integration with the Enterprise Payments Platform, easier and faster implementation for financial institutions, especially those facing ISO 20022 migrations for RTGS, instant or cross-border payments” , said Mario Mendia, senior vice president at TAS. Group.


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