Investment in management skills essential to ‘take it to the next level’, say business leaders


Business leaders urged the chancellor to use his spending review to invest in management and leadership training | Credit: Alamy

Business leaders called on the Chancellor to make investing in management and leadership skills a central part of the government’s “leveling” agenda.

Ahead of the full spending review next week, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) urged Rishi Sunak to commit to making a critical investment in funding higher education, learning and mainstreaming development. management.

Ann Francke, CEO of CMI, said the success of the Leveling Up project depended on “a rock solid commitment to funding education and training”.

The CMI – which represents more than 170,000 UK managers and business leaders – has identified five key requirements the review must include to ensure that the UK workforce and economy thrive in the years to come:

  • Maintain current levels of spending on higher education
  • Protect funding for learning, including at the degree level
  • Integrate management development into education, training and sector policies
  • Include four core skills (communication, problem solving, teamwork and digital competence) in all government funded training
  • Require all government procurement offers to include management and leadership development

The CMI also urged ministers to include mandatory reporting requirements on diversity and inclusion in all funded training programs, to ensure they reach individuals and communities across the UK.

“The Chancellor has a golden opportunity to demonstrate his personal passion for management improvement by committing to long-term investments in leadership training and skills, and by placing management improvement at the heart of every contract entered into by the government, ”Francke said.

“Sustained funding for higher and complementary education must be at the heart of ‘upgrading’ and ‘building it back better’. “

She added: “The aspirations of ministers will not become a reality unless we see a commitment to strengthening Britain’s human capital at the heart of this spending review … Our five demands are not just pleasing to the eye. have – they are absolutely vital for leveling up to become a reality.

In addition to seeking firm commitments for the funding of higher education and apprenticeship, the CMI also calls on the government to integrate basic skills into all funded education and training offerings, requiring a commitment to the development of the management and leadership of potential suppliers as part of its purchasing process.

Daisy Hooper, Policy Officer at CMI, commented: “The government, as an employer, could really show us all what ‘best practices’ look like in training and development.

“With an annual procurement budget of almost £ 300bn per year, the government has a huge opportunity to boost private sector commitment to good management and leadership by making M&L training a mandatory requirement for any organization bidding for a government contract. “

You can read the CMI’s full recommendations to government here.

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