IoT Device Management Services to Hit $36.8 Billion in Revenue by 2026


IoT device management services are an essential component of scalable IoT solutions in the era of 5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence

LONDON, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Device management services are evolving in response to more device technologies such as advanced intelligence and connectivity technologies, as well as customer issues such as scalability and the security of IoT deployments. But forward-looking vendors are also preparing for a world where 41.3% of connected devices will use some form of LPWA technology by 2026. As IoT customers increasingly need to manage a larger fleet of connected devices, a global technology watch company ABI Search forecast that IoT device management services will lead US$36.8 billion in turnover by 2026.

Standardization is starting to play a bigger role in device management services as more and more connected devices use LPWA technologies. Standardization is best illustrated by the growth in adoption of LwM2M. This standard has been adopted by telecommunications operators, but is now also adopted by module, chipset and gateway vendors. The flip side of standardization is that it will increase the commoditization of device management services. “Implementing a common standard such as LwM2M can complicate a device management vendor’s product differentiation strategy, but standards address customer reservations from ‘locking in’ to a proprietary platform” , declares Abdullah HaiderIoT Networks and Services Research Analyst at ABI Research.

Partnerships and collaborations between device management vendors will continue to accelerate. Device management vendors can partner with systems integrators (SIs) who create an end-to-end solution. Device management vendors can also partner with other players in the value chain “Companies recognize that a strategic partnership can facilitate both sales and product support channels. Cooperation with service device management from another vendor is beneficial for a cloud hyper-scaler selling data storage and analytics, and for a mobile network operator (MNO) selling connectivity or application enablement services, because IoT device management platforms integrate with these other systems,” says Haider.

Device management vendors from large hyperscalers (eg, AWS and Microsoft Azure), established incumbents (eg, Eurotech, Telit, and Sierra Wireless), MNOs (eg, Vodafone, Verizon, and Deutsche Telekom) and startups (e.g., EdgeIQ, Memfault, and 1nce) are all looking to disrupt the IoT device management ecosystem. “A key insight is that while competition breeds commoditization, enterprises still want to differentiate their device management services. This often involves providing security services such as device attestation and mutual authentication, while other players are considering remote hardware configurability in application segments such as asset tracking, telematics, and condition-based monitoring.In general, more and more vendors are adding device management services to differentiate their suite of IoT solutions and drive more IoT solution revenue,” concludes Haider.

These findings are taken from ABI Research’s IoT Device Management: Evolution of Technologies and Supplier Trends application analysis report. This report is part of the company’s IoT Network & Services research service, which includes research, data and analyst insights. Based on in-depth primary interviews, application analytics reports present an in-depth analysis of trends and key market drivers for a specific technology.

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