Irish An Post partners with Tink to provide fund management services


Irish postal service An Post has partnered with open European banking platform Tink to bring new money management tools to users of its banking app.

The public postal service launched its banking app last summer

In addition to mail and parcel delivery, the state-owned company also offers checking accounts through its An Post Money app, launched last summer.

Powered by Tink’s Money Manager open banking technology, the new money management tools have been integrated into the app and are now available across the republic.

Tink says its technology provides insights that help An Post customers improve their financial health by giving them a better understanding of their spending behavior and the ability to manage their savings and set budgets to stay on track. way with their financial goals.

“Partnering with Tink is the next step in our transformation journey: positioning ourselves firmly as the challenger to banks in Ireland and giving customers access to simple money management tools that will build their confidence. finance,” said An John Post, Post’s chief financial officer.

Tink was recently acquired by payment giant Visa for 1.8 billion euros.

The acquisition in June last year was designed to “help accelerate the adoption of open banking in Europe by ensuring a secure and trusted platform for innovation”.


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