Jobs: Nearly 40% of India Inc employees rate their senior executives’ skills as poor: survey

Senior management acts as an anchor in the organizational hierarchy. Their duty is to protect the integrity of the organization, so that it can survive for its own employees, its shareholders, its suppliers and for the general good of the social and economic system in which it operates.

In a survey by JobBuzz, a business evaluation platform powered by TimesJobs, we asked lower-line managers and employees to rate their top management. Below are the ratings for each segment and the expected scope of improvement.

Note senior management

According to the study, nearly 25% of India Inc. employees rated management leadership skills as excellent. For 35% of employees, leadership skills are satisfactory and for 40% of employees, senior management leadership skills are poor.

Approximately 40% of India Inc. employees have the necessary resources to achieve the desired result and the remaining 60% do not have access to the required resources.

About 20% of the company uses available resources efficiently and 80% of companies are not even considered resourceful. According to our survey, only 5% of India Inc. employees are satisfied with their level of interaction with management and 95% of other employees are dissatisfied with the level of interaction.

Manage employee concerns and issues

According to our research, only 10% of employee issues are handled perfectly at the management level. Still, 90% of problems are mishandled by senior management. Of these, only 10% of issues are resolved by management to the best of their abilities and the remaining 90% don’t even care about employee concerns.

About 35% of senior managers are good at public relations and nearly 65% ​​have poor public relations skills.

Considering the working culture in various organizations, only 25% have a well-organized flexible working culture. In 45% of workplaces, the flexible working culture is poorly managed and in 30% of places they do not have a flexible working culture. We asked India Inc. employees about the scope of improvement within management.

For 35 percent the flexibility of the workplace can be improved, for 25 percent the employees the remuneration system should be improved and for 20 percent the professionals the work environment can be developed. Nearly 15% would like to change the leadership style with which senior management works.

Role of top management in an organization

Top-level management determines the major strategic axes for the organization in general and focuses on the big picture. They are the ones who encourage the whole team to work together and achieve the desired results. Another key area for them is “stress management”.

“Executive management effectively deals with all elements and forces that affect the survival, stability and growth of an organization. Most of us experience stress when we feel a lack of control over events in our lives. It’s important for senior management to manage their own stress, create a less stressful work environment for employees, and move businesses forward. Senior management can help reduce stress among employees by setting clear goals, providing a flexible work environment and creating a better understanding of company goals,” says Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Chief Business Officer, TimesJobs.


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