LC&Partners provides project management services for 12 pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai

  • The project management and engineering company based in Dubai and Milan provided project management services for the pavilions of Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Italy, Mexico , Chile, Peru, Greece, Angola, Lithuania and DP World.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: UAE and Milan-based project management and engineering firm, LC&Partners, marks the completion of 12 pavilions at EXPO 2020 for which the firm provided a variety of services, including site management design, procurement assistance, project management, construction management, construction supervision and ongoing facilities and logistics management.

The Netherlands, Peru, Philippines and Mexico were full design and build projects, with LC&P managing the entire construction process from the design phase to delivery and beyond, while those of Italy, Sweden, Chile and Greece were hull designs provided by participating countries. . The company also provided project control services to contractor ARCO Turnkey Contracting for the Angola and Lithuania pavilions.

One of LC&P’s first briefs came from Sweden, a 25,000 square foot (approx) pavilion designed by Allesandro Ripellino Arkitekter, with local support from Dawson Architects, with a very strong focus on sustainability. The whole structure is made of 1,300 tons of structural wood and is inspired by the metaphor of the forest, a key element being a free ground floor allowing visitors to walk in a wooded environment, a reflection of the great Swedish spaces.

The Netherlands Pavilion also emphasizes sustainability, its central feature being an 18-metre-high vertical cone-shaped form, a steel biotope and covered in edible plants, essentially a miniature world where the climate is naturally controlled. The water, energy and food sectors are strongly linked to present unique integrated solutions that create a more sustainable world. The pavilion is built entirely of steel, without the use of concrete, even for the foundation works. All building materials were purchased locally and most of them will be returned to the supplier at the end of the Expo2020 event. LC&P has demonstrated highly effective project and construction management skills and capabilities throughout the two years of constructing such an unconventional and “first of its kind” building for the UAE market.

As a company originally founded in Milan by an Italian CEO, Lorenzo Candelpergher, it was a practical choice for the curator of the Italian pavilion. The LC&P team provided the full range of project management services, including ongoing facilities management and logistics to support an ever-changing program of events and exhibits for the pavilion. Located in the sustainability district of the EXPO site, the pavilion is an imposing structure 25 meters high whose roof is made up of three inverted shells representing the three colors of the Italian flag. The concept of the pavilion is an innovation hub specifically comprising a 260 square meter gallery, an 83 square meter academy and a 48 square meter central studio, all spaces designed to accommodate the edutainment program, functions sales, training and cultural presentations. A central attraction is an exact-scale replica of Michelangelo’s David, a 6-meter-tall 3D-printed sculpture, a towering feature in the pavilion’s central exhibition area.

Lorenzo Candelpergher, CEO of LC&Partners comments: “It has been an honor to work with, and in many cases continue to support, such a diverse range of countries and files to interpret and deliver their respective visions. The challenges of time constraints, coupled with COVID 19 restrictions were realities of the job at hand, but thanks to our professional team and reliable network of vendors and consultants, we were able to meet turnaround times and exceed expectations.

“The next challenge will be to dismantle part of the pavilions so that they can be reused in different forms and in other environments. The “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principle applied to the Sweden pavilion is the ultimate sustainability initiative and we are very happy to play a key role in this endeavour. With the EXPO 2020 experience now part of our DNA, we now look to Osaka 2025 and the new growth opportunities it will bring now that we have a proven track record of delivering these very unique and original projects.

LC&Partners was established in Italy in 2004 and opened offices in the Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat between 2009 and 2015, from where the company has carried out projects in a plethora of sectors including commercial and private residential , Hospitality, Industry, Aviation and Infrastructure.


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LC&Partners Project Management and Engineering is a multidisciplinary construction project management and integrated engineering consultancy company operating internationally. Originally established in 2004 in Italy, over the years the company has experienced significant growth developing a number of projects in the domestic market, mainly in the transport infrastructure and buildings sector, setting a standard recognized for quality and reliability among customers, partners and competitors. International operations began in 2007, with particular emphasis on the Middle East region, where a first subsidiary was established in Abu Dhabi in 2009 and a second in Dubai in 2011. Gradual expansion followed, with various projects in several GCC and African countries. In 2015, LC&P underwent a substantial reorganization with a more explicit focus on portfolio, program and construction project management, which was followed by a boost to international development with the opening of new representative/dedicated offices to projects in Muscat, Riyadh, London and Kampala, with a staggering growth of +400% over the next five years, with a portfolio or projects currently worth over USD 1.6 billion in construction cost, and covering Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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