Leadership and management skills essential to ‘take it to the next level’, says CMI


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The government should allocate more investment in management and leadership training as part of the UK’s “leveling” program, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said.
In its submission to the UK Treasury ahead of the full expenditure review on October 27, the CMI said a lack of quality management was affecting UK productivity and that by making small improvements to management capabilities, organizations and workers would become more productive. Research conducted by CMI and the Institute of Directors in January 2021 identified a gap between the managerial skills required by employers and the ability to manage their workforce. “Good management and leadership will be key to implementing the government’s growth plans – on infrastructure and the transition to net zero, on upgrading and on innovation. This is also essential to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, is able to realize their potential at work, ”the document states. He identified five requirements the review should include to ensure a thriving economy:

  • Maintain current higher education expenditure
  • Protecting funding for learning, including at the degree level – government has £ 2.3bn budget for learning in 2021/22
  • Integrate management development into education, training and sector policies
  • Including four core skills (communication, problem solving, teamwork and digital competence) in all government funded courses. CMI estimates that an additional investment of around £ 240million per year would be needed, which could be funded by a combination of the National Skills Fund and employer contributions.
  • Require that all government procurement offers include management and leadership development.

Ann Francke, CEO of CMI, said the five recommendations “are not just good things to have – they are vital for the upgrade to become a reality.”

Ashleigh Webber

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