Leading business defense firm will now provide crisis management services


Dallas, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

National corporate defense law firm Oberheiden PC is expanding to include crisis management in its range of legal services. This addition fills an important need for enterprise customers facing potential legal action.

By providing crisis management services, Oberheiden PC’s crisis management lawyers can help their clients immediately after a crisis. Whether a senior executive is accused of wrongdoing, a corporate investigation has been announced, or a business investment has publicly gone sour, Oberheiden PC’s crisis management lawyers can be on the ground. to deal with the fallout of the news within 24 hours. .

As Dr. Nick Oberheiden, founding partner of the law firm, explains, “When there is a potential crisis or a crisis arises, companies need to react quickly. Since these situations can occur suddenly or without warning, it is usually best to get out of the crisis. management lawyers on call as soon as possible.”

Having a team of experienced lawyers on hand in the moments after a crisis not only helps mitigate the short-term damage of the situation; it also puts the company in a better position to control long-term effects. This is especially important when the story is likely to be picked up by local or national media.

After years of representing clients facing federal investigations, expanding the business to include crisis management services was an easy task for Oberheiden PC: it was already providing them to clients accused of wrongdoing or fraud. These allegations were a crisis in themselves, and part of Oberheiden PC’s defense strategy included managing and mitigating the fallout from the investigation.

In many cases, this has included public relations work around media coverage of the event. Oberheiden PC’s crisis management lawyers were able to ensure that the coverage was fair and that the target of the review had the opportunity to tell their side of the story. In some cases, Oberheiden PC managed to persuade mainstream media not to cover the story at all.

Oberheiden PC’s status as a national law firm makes it possible to immediately provide these crisis management services to the client. The firm’s nationwide footprint means attorneys from a local law firm can be on site within 24 hours in many cases. These are the most crucial hours of the crisis, and Oberheiden PC can be there for them.

For more information on Oberheiden PC’s expansion to become a crisis management law firm, in addition to a defense firm for corporate and white-collar defendants, call them at 888-680 -1745.

Leading Corporate Defense Firm Will Now Provide Crisis Management Services

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