Management company Fareham Saltus funds adventure trip for students


A group of boys from a secondary school in London have enjoyed a residential trip with Tall Ships Youth Trust (TSYT) – a charity which provides young people with unique and stimulating experiences at sea – with funding from the management company of Saltus heritage.

The 11 boys from Addey and Stanhope School in Deptford returned from their five-day trip to the Solent and South Coast on Friday May 20.

Throughout the week, they were involved in all aspects of sailing and crewing the boat, from steering to meal preparation, maintenance and cleaning.

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11 students from London benefited from a residential trip along the south coast thanks to Saltus.

TSYT’s professional team helped young people increase their practical skills and develop their personal and social skills.

Alvin Arthur, 14, said: ‘I enjoyed the sightseeing and night sailing which was very pretty.

“I learned to always have integrity and never go back on my word.

“I would rate my experience a nine out of 10, but only because I got seasick.”

Addey and Stanhope assistant manager Tyrone Sinclair, who traveled with the boys, added: “We are so grateful to Tall Ships Youth Trust and our sponsors at Saltus for this wonderful opportunity.

“We had a great week and learned a lot about our strengths and the importance of acting with integrity, which is one of our school values.”

Fareham-based Saltus chose to support TSYT as a local charity after he first met another group of school boys last summer. Employees have since raised over £15,000 to fund the trip and provide further support for the charity’s youth development work.

Dan Underwood, Partner of Saltus, said: “We enjoyed participating in different activities to raise funds to support this trip and we hope to continue and support other trips over the next two years.”

TSYT is the oldest and largest youth development sailing training charity in the UK, based in Portsmouth.

The charity has a particular focus on working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and has been providing young people aged 12 to 25 from across the UK with life-changing maritime experiences for 65 years.


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