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Wednesday 04 August 2021

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PC’s Joe Gemma appeared on LIVE

Providence College School of Continuing Education Assistant Professor of Management Joseph Gemma appeared on GoLocal LIVE where he discussed the management skills needed to be successful in the “new economy” – and how PC prepares students for it. their career.

“Some of the more recent articles I’ve read indicate that this is the most hectic time ever in relation to the workplace – in my lifetime, in my college career, it seems to be.” , said Gemma, who is an undergraduate associate dean. PC studies,

“It started long before the coronavirus environment and the crisis we’re in right now, and not looking at it first is stupid. Technology has been a game-changer and a game-changer for a long time… we are spending more and more time adapting in the workplace, ”said Gemma. “COVID, over the last sixteen or eighteen months, has just exacerbated this rate of change. We ask workers to be more agile… more adaptable to constantly changing parameters.


Gemma, who teaches Continuing Education School students pursuing business and management diplomas and certificates, counts human resource management, management principles and management internship among her courses.

Preparation as the key

According to Gemma, the most important skill to have and develop right now is probably problem solving, and if you are a manager you need to become the teacher, through communication and modeling to develop problem solving skills. problems.

“We’ve all had problems to solve and have been crippled by them from time to time, but when we solve them and take a step back, we feel good and look for the next problem to be solved. It’s a great source of motivation, ”he said.

Gemma also spoke about how big knowledge and the big picture is where Providence College and the School of Continuing Education provide an incredibly valuable opportunity to learn the foundational skills that will only become more and more important in the world. business and the workplace in the future.

“I encourage anyone interested in a career in business, or in a transition to management or further in leadership, to take advantage of what SCE has to offer,” he said. “The curriculum and the programs are really well suited to prepare you for the greater needs that we see in the business world today. “

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