New construction management company GR aims to diversify the industry


Two contractors and a construction industry veteran launch a new construction management company based in Grand Rapids.

Cousins ​​William Robinson and Jamiel Robinson, the CEO of Grand Rapids Area Black Businessesshape Isle Construction LLC with Brad Laackman, longtime president and CEO of the Grand Rapids-based company Honor build.

Jamiel Robinson, co-founder of Isle Construction LLC.

Isle Construction has two projects slated to begin soon and another scheduled for late summer. The new construction company plans to focus on a variety of markets, including municipalities, retail, hospitality, medical facilities, educational institutions, cannabis and multi-family housing.

The company, located at 280 Ann St. NW, supports pre-construction, construction management and general trade services.

“Overall, with Isle Construction, we’re looking to diversify the construction industry,” said Jamiel Robinson. MiBiz. “We know it’s very white and male dominated, and when it comes to minority entrepreneurs, we know a lot of them aren’t able to compete. We hope to build the capacity of more minority entrepreneurs in West Michigan.

Robinson also has a stake in several West Michigan businesses, including Ambiance GR Kitchen & Living room in downtown Grand Rapids, Motu Lakeshore Wine Bar and Prohibition cocktail bar in Muskegon, as well as Spirits Motu Viget.

“Opening Ambiance GR really gave me the full experience of sitting down with a team of architects and being in the space as it was being built almost every day. really motivated me to want to get into building myself,” Robinson said.

Isle Construction’s first two projects slated to begin soon include construction management for District 2012, Black-Owned Business Incubation Space and the Grand Rapids Area Black Business Headquarters, as well as the construction of the Prohibition Cocktail Bar, located in the same building as the Motu Lakeshore Wine Bar in Muskegon.

The name “Isle” refers to the name of a property in southeast Grand Rapids on South Division Avenue that belonged to the grandfather of Jamiel and William Robinson. The Robinsons are cousins ​​and grew up together in Grand Rapids.

“Jamiel and I have been exploring partnership opportunities since our twenties,” William Robinson said in a statement. “We both share a lifelong goal of honoring our grandfather, Ronald Robinson, and his legacy of community development and business ownership. I am delighted to share my 16 years of experience working for Top Fortune 500 companies specializing in project management, relationship management and sales engineering with Isle Construction. This is our opportunity to leave a legacy and have a major impact on our city.

Jamiel Robinson said the new venture aims to help landowners in areas of Grand Rapids that are being revitalized but have shut out longtime residents.

“We want to be a bridge to those opportunities for people,” Jamiel Robinson said.

Laackman said plans for Isle Construction had been in the works for years.

“After meeting (Jamiel) eight years ago, we have supported, collaborated and mentored each other on several business and personal endeavors,” said Laackman, who is also a partner at Victory Development Group. “I am thrilled to bring my 20 years of construction experience to the team and watch this vital business grow.”

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