No IAN 700K Code Data and Operations Management Firm Grid Bags


Grid, a no-code data and operations management platform, raised $700,000 in a funding round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN). The main investors in the cycle are Jaideep Mehta, KRS Jamwal, Pramod Jajoo and Shalil Gupta. The company intends to use the freshly infused capital primarily to expand its sales and marketing efforts in target markets and strengthen its product line. The Ranchi-based company will focus on recruiting the right talent as it scales, both within the company and its partner ecosystem.

Created with a vision to bring data management best practices from leading tech companies to traditional enterprises in 2017, Grid (Pragyaam Data Technologies) launched its first beta and pivoted to a SaaS model in early 2021. Aayush Agrawal , Udit Poddar, Shreyansh Jain, and Shaurya Poddar launched Grid as a data services company. However, they quickly realized the need for a platform to help mining, manufacturing, and public infrastructure companies go digital using the first no-code mobile apps.

The SaaS revolution has been a game changer for businesses around the world. However, most products are intended for technology, sales and service or accounting and finance teams and not for basic operations. In addition, traditional asset-heavy industries have been largely underserved. With its offerings, the no-code B2B SaaS platform is driving efficiency in those industries that are central to a sustainable future.

Interestingly, the promoters of his several clients have also invested in this round. It’s a testament to the value Grid has brought to their businesses and bodes well for the future.

Speaking about funding, Udit Poddar, CEO and co-founder of Grid said, “Most of these asset-heavy industries are constantly generating operational data that can drive efficiency. The lack of easy-to-use and suitable tools has been a major obstacle to their digitization. With rising raw material costs, companies are becoming more data-centric to increase the efficiency of their operations. Starting as a no-code operations management platform, we envision Grid as the essential operational layer that brings together data from people and devices to create ESG-focused operations. We are delighted with this partnership and aim to use it to further expand our operations.

Jaideep Mehta, Principal Investor at IAN, said: “We are delighted to partner with the founders of Grid. They have demonstrated the ability to build a high-performance business in underserved sectors such as mining and infrastructure, while developing new ways to use technology that delivers a rapid return on investment for their clients. current trends among Indian and overseas clients, we are confident that Udit and its team will build a truly global business in the years to come, and IAN Investment Group will partner with them all the way.”


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