On-premise service management company adds what3words to its offering

On-premise service management company adds what3words to its offering
05 January 2022

BigChange, the field service management software provider, has adopted what3words location technology to deliver more accurate addresses for workplaces.

It is hoped that this will allow field service teams to find their site faster and easier.

BigChange estimates that what3words could save individual field workers up to 30 minutes per day in time spent searching for jobs.

What is what3words?

what3words divided the world into a 3 m square grid and assigned each three random words from the dictionary: a what3words address. A what3words address provides an extra layer of accuracy to a traditional address, meaning that field crews will arrive at the exact location exactly. Over 100 emergency service organizations in the UK are already using what3words to get faster and more accurate answers.


Image: A photograph showing a remote area of ​​Zurich, with the what3words location posted above

By integrating technology into its job management platform, BigChange allowed customers to add a what3words address to any job reservation.

Field service teams can then be directed to a specific location – including specific building entrances or destinations in parks, rural areas, and construction sites not covered by mailing addresses. This means that you don’t waste time looking for the right location.

Richard Warley, CEO of BigChange, said, “The demand is booming for field service companies. They look for innovations that make planning smoother, improve productivity and the customer experience, and help them grow stronger.

“This powerful feature will allow BigChange customers to plan better, confidently deliver more accurate arrival times, and save valuable hours each week by directing field teams precisely where they are needed. “

James Cochrane, Head of Partnerships at what3words, commented: “We all had the awful feeling of being late for work because the address wasn’t right and you couldn’t find exactly where you needed to be. to be. what3words acts as a tool in your pocket to make sure you’re taken to the right place, the first time, every time.

Picture: a photograph of a construction site with three workers and heavy machinery shown, with the what3words location posted above

Article written by Ella Tansley | Posted on January 05, 2022

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