Port Authority Board Approves Agreement with Marina Management Company | Local News


CONNEAUT – The Port Authority of Conneaut approved the conclusion of an agreement with Oasis Marinas for the company to manage the marina of Conneaut during a meeting on Thursday evening.

Board member Aaron Joslin said representatives of Oasis Marinas first visited Conneaut in October last year and the Port Authority was carrying out due diligence regarding marina management companies since a while.

“I personally came away very satisfied to have hired a professional management and hospitality service to assist us in the marina,” said Joslin.

The resolution approved on Thursday evening gives Board Chairman George Peterson the authority to enter into an agreement with Oasis Marinas. The deal is for five years, with the potential to be extended, Joslin said.

Before a vote was taken on the proposal, Peterson asked Conneaut Council Chairman Jon Arcaro if he had any questions about the deal.

Arcaro said he had spoken to council members and they had questions about the maintenance of Dean Avenue Park, which was recently transferred to Port Authority control, and the impact of the move on the auxiliary companies around the marina.

Peterson said the Conneaut Ports Authority will have maintenance staff within the Conneaut Ports Authority and that work will continue in the park.

The vote to approve the resolution was unanimous.

Brian Arnold, vice president of business development at Oasis Marinas, said the company already operates several marinas in Ohio.

“We work for marina owners or [municipalities], managing their marina assets,” Arnold said. “It’s our job to take care of the boaters who use the marina, it’s our job to take care of the supplier relationships. In this case, there are a number of tenants, restaurants, clubs, things like that. It is our job to manage this relationship. It is our job to care for boaters while working in the best interests of the Port Authority.

Oasis Marinas will seek to build on what exists in Conneaut, improve the boater experience and assist the Port Authority with ongoing projects, Arnold said.

“We are thrilled to be here,” Arnold said.

Peterson said Friday that an initial meeting with Port Authority staff went very well. “They pretty much said to everyone, ‘you have a job if you want one,'” he said.

The agreement with Oasis Marinas was signed on Friday morning.

Employees will move to Oasis Marinas’ payroll in August, and the company will make sure employee benefits are similar, or make them comprehensive in some way, Peterson said. “It will depend on the employees, but I would be shocked if anyone left,” he said.

“It’s clearly an employer/employee type relationship, but maybe a little more of a partnership than that,” Peterson said. “But they work for us. Everything has to go through the Port Authority.

Peterson said the deal will give the Port Authority more time and ability to work with the city and other projects outside the marina.


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