Portland Wealth Management Firm Promotes Founding Team Member to President


Great Diamond Partners, a Portland-based wealth management firm, has promoted chief financial officer Helen Andreoli to president, the firm announced Wednesday.

Andreoli, part of the team that launched Great Diamond Partners in March 2019, will remain Chief Financial Officer as she assumes her new role as President, which involves overseeing all day-to-day operations of the business. Great Diamond Partners is led by CEO Steve Tenney and manages over $670 million in assets.

“This announcement is an acknowledgment of his incredible contributions and current responsibilities,” Tenney told Mainebiz in a phone interview. Andreoli “has done a tremendous job shaping the culture of the company, and that’s reflected in the interest of people wanting to join us.”

“She has a great mind for organizational development,” he added, “and her emotional intelligence is fabulous.”

A 22-year veteran of the financial services industry, Andreoli has worked at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS Financial Services. She grew up in Boothbay and is a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston and the University of Maine MBA program. She is also the former owner of a statewide waste haulage and recycling company.

Looking ahead to his new role, Andreoli said, “The most important thing for me is protecting and building our culture, but it’s also about our commitment to conscious capitalism in an industry that has no always the best reputation.”

She was referring to a growing national movement, with a Portland chapter, that puts purpose on par with profit and was featured in an April 2020 Mainebiz cover story.

Conscious capitalism, Tenney said this week, “permeates everything we do, from the planning we do for our clients to our investment strategy to the people we hire.”

Growing team

Great Diamond partners work with Dynasty Financial Partners, a St. his company to focus on working with customers.

Currently a team of 10 employees, Great Diamond Partners aims to make another hire soon, according to Andreoli.

“It’s good that my past contributions are recognized,” she said. “I have such a great team, and the most important thing about our team is that we all share the same values. It’s very unique and very special, and something I want to cultivate and protect.”

She also said the company has had no problems hiring in today’s tight job market, thanks in part to an outside consultant committed to Conscious Capitalism who helps write job descriptions and job descriptions. displays.

“For the last one, we had about five applicants, but the previous one had almost 100 applicants, and I attribute that entirely to our commitment to the values ​​of conscious capitalism,” Andreoli said, adding that the company also has a solid benefits package.

“We work to build a culture where we truly trust our people and allow them to do their best in the way they know best,” she said. “That’s the current landscape. People are going to go where they feel their values ​​fit.”


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