Prateik Chaudhary: I want to work on my time management skills

Paramavatar actor Shri Krishna Prateik Chaudhary wants to work on his time management skills. It’s the need of the hour, he said. “It’s very difficult to manage your time if your work schedule is tight. Outside of work, you need to make time for your family, friends and even yourself, as well as all your other activities like the gym. You also need to sleep well. , so time management in the current scenario has become quite a task, ”he says.

Everyone else in the television industry is complaining that they don’t have enough time for themselves given the workload. “I can relate to that because right now I’m doing a show (Sindoor Ki Keemat) and I know how hard it is to do anything other than shoot. We shoot 25-26 days a month for 12-14 hours. . Of course, I am not complaining because I am happy to work. It is my main priority.

One of the problems people face today is that even on the days off they are busy with their phones or social media activities. “Sundays or public holidays no longer look like holidays, thanks to communication tools such as cell phones and social networks. We forgot where to put an end to it ”, shares Prateik adding: knowing when to take a break and if necessary, how to live without it.

It was after waiting two long years that Prateik had his chance in a daily soap opera and that is Sindoor Ki Keemat. In an interview, he said acting was his only job and that he didn’t have a plan B. It all came to a halt for him too when the lockdown took place.


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