Quality Management Company Reports Significant Increase in Audited Parts


Quality management specialist G&P found a 44% increase in parts audited over the previous year, including a 34% increase over pre-pandemic levels.

2021 also saw an 82% increase in parts reworked to manufacturer specifications and discontinued parts over 50%, compared to 2020 totals alone, as manufacturers and suppliers continue to grapple with the effects of the global pandemic on working practices.

Working closely with manufacturers and suppliers around the world as they adapt to new production protocols, G&P also removed an additional 10,515,313 low-grade components from the manufacturing process in 2021, as the manufacturing industry was emerging from COVID-19 restrictions.

G&P Chairman Geoff Cousins ​​said, “G&P delivered strong performance and growth in 2021 despite continued COVID headwinds and microchip shortages that led to reduced production volumes in the electronics industries. automotive and other technologies. The UK led the way with growth of 25% in 2020 and 5% in 2019, when manufacturers were at full production, reflecting G&P’s continued support for manufacturing industries and their supply chains .

G&P’s innovative quality excellence model is a key asset for the company and its customers as it supports all stages of the product life cycle with a range of reactive and proactive services to improve quality, reliability and quality. efficiency and costs.

A central pillar of the Quality Excellence Model is G&P’s proprietary software system called QTrak. The completely paperless system gives G&P customers a competitive edge as it provides real-time analysis and identification of quality issues, enabling problem sources to be investigated without delay, parts contained and deployed corrective actions to avoid the production of additional waste.

Mr. Cousins ​​added, “G&P has the expertise in all aspects of product lifecycle quality, combined with a partnership approach that provides flexible resource and management services to manufacturers as they ramp up production and launch new products. There is growing recognition across many industries that this approach is incredibly valuable in times of uncertainty and G&P is well positioned to deliver this.

Founded in 1994, G&P has grown to have a global presence, operating in over 250 manufacturing plants around the world. In addition to automotive specialization, G&P also supports the aerospace, off-road, marine, rail and defense industries.



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