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The Oppenheim Group can be a wild jungle and although the company only works with knowledgeable and expert real estate agents, some of the cast members of sell sunset are more competent than others. It’s not easy being a real estate agent because there are so many aspects involved in selling a luxury property. From construction and staging to price fluctuations and fickle customers, agents have to manage it all. In professions like these, prioritizing skills becomes quite essential because time is money when it comes to real estate.

From the first season, it became clear that Mary, Christine and Maya are above the rest. What set them apart was their ability to juggle multiple properties. Each agent has an area of ​​expertise. Mary, for example, is an expert at managing or supervising the construction of new properties and she also gets close to big deals quickly, while Maya is excellent at offering modestly priced properties. Now every agent has a fair idea of ​​how to divide their time when trying to shut down Escrow. But some of them are simply better than others because they know how to balance their time and planning better.


8 Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan works in the Oppenheim Group office to sell Sunset

Emma is an all round agent and she is a pro at planning and previewing development properties. This in itself is a huge advantage, as it reduces the back and forth usually required before presenting a house. Although Emma is the newest addition to the Oppenheim group and the show hasn’t featured too much of her work, it’s obvious that she’s great at her job.

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She usually does a lot of homework before showing a property so the buyer has a pretty good idea of ​​what a property might look like. It also saves a lot of time for both parties. When she presented the Bird Street property to Jamie Freed, she already knew exactly what renovation the house needed to increase its value, which saved her client from spending days working on the renovations.

seven Davina Potratz

In Season 5, Davina struggles to score lists, and Mary isn’t too happy with her either. It doesn’t help that her co-workers aren’t the most supportive and Davina is in some of the biggest fights on sell sunset. Her time management skills play a pretty big part, as Mary points out in Season 5, Davina just might not be the best judge of a buyer’s character and needs to prioritize better.

When she visits her former client, property developer Adnan Sen for a third chance, Davina looks a bit overwhelmed. She also fails to score an almost-promised co-listing opportunity and fails to impress her client Tal with a property. Season 5 somehow makes her seem incompetent as she blames the real estate market for being unpredictable and fails to get safe listings and ends up spending way too much time with them.

6 Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith talks to the camera on Selling Sunset

Amanza is a quick worker as she is usually prepared for almost anything. When she goes to a meeting or a field discussion, she is already the most prepared person in the room, which saves a lot of time when it comes to making decisions. She is a decorator and helps with the staging of properties. She therefore usually has to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a property early on, even before it is shown to a buyer.

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Amanza often comes to meet buyers or her colleagues with essential accessories or fabric samples and knows how to maximize the time she spends with her customers. For example, when she met with Chrishell to talk about interior design, she came prepared with outlines and fabric swatches so they could figure out exactly what she wants.

5 Maya Vander

Selling Sunset Maya Vander

It’s become apparent from the very first season that Maya is a total pro, whether it’s solving escrow issues or determining the strengths of an otherwise unattractive property. Her expertise also makes her one of the most efficient agents since she knows exactly how to pitch a house. Maya is a great listener and is always on the lookout for details. So when her clients tell her what they’re looking for, she doesn’t waste her time presenting or showing something she isn’t interested in.

When tasked with helping Chrishell learn the ropes, Maya proves to be a dynamic and perfectionist agent keen to make the most of her clients’ time. However, she manages some expensive properties that are difficult to offload and is often seen struggling to close a deal.

4 Heather Rae

Heather Rae Young Selling Sunset

Heather is fast moving and she is versatile when it comes to expertise as she also excels in showmanship properties. Heather has always been good at prioritizing and respects her clients’ time just as much as she cares about her own time.

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In Season 1, she tries to find a buyer for 1490 and also tries to find a property for Dr. Tsai, and simultaneously juggles a few big accounts making sure to balance her plans. In seasons 4 and 5, it becomes clear that Heather is one of the most capable agents as she is very careful about planning ahead and always knows how to pace herself.

3 Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause dressed in pink and sitting at her desk in Selling Sunset's office

Chrishell has come a long way since Season 1 when she was a rookie in the Oppenheim Group. One of her best skills is negotiation as she never backs down and her resilience often impresses her clients. In the fifth season, for example, she spends very little time with properties that she feels aren’t ideal for her wallet.

Additionally, she also navigates her life after her divorce and finds a new home in Season 5, so fans can find out how she balances her personal and professional life. That’s a bonus since fans have always wanted to see more of the agents’ personal lives on sell sunset. And it goes without saying that despite her relationship with her boss, Chrishell’s efficiency is why she can manage her time and compartmentalize perfectly.

2 Christine Quinn

Christine has been a superstar within the Oppenheim Group and understandably everyone sees her as a tough competitor. This might explain why Christine has some of the most dramatic quotes on sell sunset. Christine is an excellent study of her clients, which saves her a lot of time because she knows who usually goes for what.

In the sixth episode of season 1, she reveals that she has been selling houses on the Sunset Strip for years, which gives her an advantage. Christine reportedly sold homes from Seasons 1-3 for $37,080,000, which is a staggering amount. In addition, she also knows how to manage the bad days. For example, when she couldn’t get in touch with a house manager in Season 1 and had to turn away an important client, she admitted the problem and held her head high. Thus, Christine’s simplicity also saves her a lot of time in the field.

1 Mary Fitzgerald

It becomes pretty obvious that Mary is a professional and possibly the most experienced agent in the business. It’s also why Mary is one of the most likable characters in sell sunset. Although many fans initially thought that Jason and Brett were partial to her, she quickly proved to be extremely capable and also quite far-sighted.

In the sixth episode of Season 1, she revealed that she closed two Escrows and nearly finalized another deal within days, while her co-workers struggled to find listings. She is persuasive and firm when she has a deal to close, which saves her a lot of time. Her work ethic has landed her the position of vice president of the company and since she represents both buyers and sellers and also has to oversee building constructions, she can set priorities well and probably owns the best time management skills.

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