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Portico, originally founded in 1818, was acquired by Robert Nichols in 2004 when it was known as “Edmund Cude”. Edmund Cude was originally focused entirely on rentals, but after taking it over, Portico merged it with another acquisition of long-established estate agency Bushells and created the expert sales agency and charter for which Portico is known today. Over the years they have grown into a highly reputable lettings and sales agency, proud to offer an informed and knowledge-driven approach to the UK property market.

Before renaming itself Portico in 2015, the company took the time to thoroughly research the needs of owners and customers. The research concluded that the insightful approach Edmund Cude had previously taken to helping sellers better understand local market dynamics and helping landlords fully understand their obligations must be at the heart of Portico’s intentions to move forward. before.

These values ​​of in-depth property knowledge, accessibility and supported by trained experts and a team of in-house traders have become the cornerstone of their vision to launch a sales and rental service that truly gets to the heart of what owners and sellers want and need.

In 2021, Leaders Romans Group (LRG) completed the acquisition of Portico. LRG – one of the UK’s leading property services groups – has welcomed Portico, along with its 154 employees, into the growing LRG family. The acquisition puts Portico in the hands of a thriving real estate services powerhouse, alongside their other recent acquisitions, including the Outlook property and Gibbs Gillespie.

In 2018, Portico expanded its rental expertise by creating Host Gantry – a short-term rental service, having been named to Airbnb’s Professional Co-Host Program as a highly reputable and trusted management service.

At the time of its inception, Portico Host was one of only six Airbnb co-host partners in the UK and the first-ever consumer rental business to be hosted by the scheme.

Portico Host offers a range of Airbnb management service package options, helping landlords generate additional income from their properties and helping landlords increase the return on their investments by filling vacancy gaps. The services offered range from basic registration assistance via a dedicated account manager, to a comprehensive package including property inspections, free insurance cover, and more.

The move is designed to extend the services offered by Portico to create a full-service solution to the London property market.


Portico’s exceptional consistency in providing expert quality real estate services has resulted in a series of prestigious accolades and awards. The agency won the best marketing award and received silver in the property management award at the EAELIVE event in 2015. The following year they doubled their win with another gold medal for marketing in the Rental Agency of the Year 2016 awards.

Portico’s successful growth can be seen through its awards journey – starting with Bronze and then Gold for Average Rental Agency in 2009/10, Best Property Management Agency 2012, Employer of the year 2013, gold in the category Large rental agency of the year in 2016, and winner again in 2017 for the marketing of the London estate agency. The list goes on and Portico is not only proud of these achievements, but stands alongside them as a benchmark for the quality of service they provide and their commitment to improving their business and the industry as a whole.

Portico is primarily based in London and currently operates 15 offices on high streets in the Greater London area. The agency also represents the North of England through its subsidiary based in Liverpool.


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