Swansea Investment Management Firm wins coveted award


Swansea-based Crossing Point Investment Management was named Best Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) for the South West and Wales region at the 2021 Citywire Adviser Choice Awards.

Founded in 2018, Crossing Point manages its clients’ investment portfolios using a variety of strategies, ranging from its Green Path, which promotes ethical and environmentally friendly investments, to its Guardian portfolios, which use a known technique. known as “trend following” to identify price changes and decide when to buy and sell assets. This technique is very rare in the UK which makes Crossing Point different from most DFMs in the country.

Tomiko Evans receiving award from Katie Gilfillan as Wealth Manager

Crossing Point’s investment strategies are rooted in academic research conducted by Tomiko Evans, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the company, and Mike Buckle, Chief Investment Officer of Crossing Point, Professor of Finance at Swansea University. A key finding was that their unique trend following algorithm can make investment portfolios less volatile and provide consistent returns on capital.

The Citywire Adviser Choice Awards recognize the wealth management brands most respected by financial advisors. Over 600 advisers were asked to rate the discretionary fund managers they work with based on 10 different criteria. Wealth Manager, which is part of Citywire, sent its deputy director of audience development, Katie Gilfillan, to Swansea to present the award.

Tomiko Evans, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer and Crossing Point Investment Management, said:

“We are delighted to be recognized with this award, especially since the winners were chosen by advisers. We would like to say a big thank you to all the independent financial advisers (IFCs) who have supported us.

“As a relatively new DFM with a different approach, it means a lot to know that AFIs love what we do and are happy with the results we deliver to their clients. We look forward to expanding our offering, working with a growing number of IFAs across the UK over the next few years. “


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