TBI awards diamond status to telecommunications management company


Renodis generates over $1,000,000 in monthly recurring revenue with TBI.

Telecom Management Provider Renodis is the first company to achieve diamond status in BITnew incentive program for partners.

Minnesota-based Renodis has made over $1,000,000 in monthly recurring revenue from TBI. As a result, the company will receive the highest level of benefits that TBI offers its partners through its recently launched Partner GEM Awards (PGA) program. The program divides partners into four different tiers and provides eligible partners with direct market development funds that correlate to the TBI revenue they generated in the previous year.

The Chicago-based technology services distributor first announced the Partner GEM Awards (PGA) program at its big event in April.

TBI’s Brandon Smith

“We are very proud to have such a loyal partner working with our organization and we look forward to seeing their continued success in the years to come,” said Brandon Smith, senior vice president of global sales for TBI.

Renodis was founded in 2002. It presents itself as an expert in the supply and management of telecommunications and mobility. It provides technology roadmap and vendor selection services. The company also offers a telecoms and mobility assistance service.

Renodis owner and CEO Craig Beason said leveraging TBI and its supplier portfolio has helped the company with its customers. Specifically, TBI helped Renodis with a “faster approach to decision-making and technology roadmap planning.”

Beason, Craig_Renodis

Craig Beason of Renodis

“This allows voice and data connectivity solutions to scale from copper to cloud, regardless of where customers are on that path,” Beason said. “We are excited to see this partnership grow in the years to come and see how we can bring more benefits to our customers.”


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