The candidate boasts about his project management skills


Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Lindsay Buhler is looking to bring her project management skills to the board.

Buhler is running for fifth place in the city council of Sachse. She worked in project management and product development for 15 years in the manufacturing industry.

“My professional experience in strategic planning, budgeting and time management are important skills that I will bring to this role,” Buhler said.

Serving the community is another component of the Buhler experience. In addition to the Parks Board, she is Secretary of the Municipal Development District Board and previously served on the Bonds Advisory Council and the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee.

“I have enjoyed learning how the city operates through volunteering and hope to continue to serve our community in a greater role with this opportunity,” Buhler said.
The most pressing issue for the city is its aging roads, Buhler said, but the $50 million bond is something she says will help the roads and accommodate Sachse’s growth.
“Continuing to plan for future repairs and fostering relationships with regional partners will be key to keeping up with growth,” Buhler said. “Sachse should be proactive, not reactive to these big projects to improve the quality of life for our residents.”
Buhler’s primary goal is to serve all residents of the community in which she will serve. She said she wanted to help the town grow and continue to be a great place to live and raise a family.
“With leadership focused on our residents, we can continue to shape our future while maintaining the charm we all know and love about Sachse,” Buhler said. “Serving at Sachse has brought me such joy and the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people in our community.”

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