Time management course / coaching program for busy people


Miami, Florida, United States, October 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Michelle Niemeyer, Wellness Consultant based in Miami, Florida announces the launch of her updated online course on Time Management and Wellbeing for busy professionals or people going through major changes and people who have lost sight of their dreams. This program teaches professionals how to lead a balanced life while saving more time so that they can enjoy their professional success while achieving their dreams.

This unique course and coaching program helps overworked professionals gain at least 10 more hours of productive time per week in 12 weeks so they can control their time to focus on the activities they enjoy.

More information about Michelle Niemeyer Wellness, Inc. is available via https://www.michelleniemeyer.com

The course is designed to follow a week-by-week structure along a path to self-control by the end of 12 weeks. Coaching calls are scheduled after the end of each weekly module. Michelle Niemeyer Wellness, Inc. notes that professionals with high levels of responsibility often require long hours of work, leading them to sacrifice their well-being and relationships.

Left unresolved, these issues can affect job performance and can also lead to poor health and stress issues. To help work more productively on a daily basis, Michelle Niemeyer Wellness, Inc. has developed “The Art of Bending Time” and her lawyer course “Lawyers Thrive in Five”.

“The Art Of Bending Time” is aimed at all professionals working in a fast-sticking environment. These coaching courses and programs are available to individuals or can be customized to the needs of organizations upon request.

The Art Of Bending Time program is a 12-week course that guides participants through a series of well-orchestrated exercises that allow professionals to convert their golden handcuffs into golden wings.

This program was designed by Michelle Niemeyer, a health coach and certified lawyer who found her way to burnout and back in a journey that inspired her wellness education and development in this course. The lessons taught in the course are drawn from real life experience and have been shown to help lead more fulfilling lives.

A recent student said, “I doubled my sales and got my joy back with The Art of Bending Time” – Rick.

Further information on Michelle Niemeyer Wellness, Inc. and its services is available at https://www.michelleniemeyer.com

Website: https://www.michelleniemeyer.com


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