Tyler Perry Shares His Time Management Skills, Morning Routine & More | Live with Ryan Seacrest


When the media mogul and the multiple hyphen Tyler Perry shares her time management skills and morning routine, you’re listening! The filmmaker, who recently became the first African American to fully own a major film production studio with his 330-acre Atlanta filming complex, stopped On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, January 15, to discuss his very first project with Netflix A fall from grace.

“I just do things quickly; effectively,” Perry told Seacrest while discussing his time management, which paid off considering they filmed the upcoming thriller in just five days. “You know, what I do is I work really, really hard, but I build breaks,” he added. “I’m going to take a month off, two months off, three months off, so I build breaks around the holidays, around my son’s birthday and summer, you know? Things like that, so we have our times where we work really hard, but [we keep those boundaries] Absolutely. I don’t let anyone cross them. They are very important.

Perry, who is now behind around 40 films, also shared that her morning routine has changed in the new year.

“I used to start with a prayer in the morning and then watch [Good Morning America] then get up and start my day like CNN or something is in the background, but I found myself inundated with all the negativity, so I was like ‘stop it,'” he shared. “Say the prayer. Get up and exercise. Run and dance; go for a walk and let that be it. Start the day dancing.

A fall from grace marks Perry’s first-ever collaboration with Netflix and revolves around a woman accused of murdering her husband when her attorney believes there may be a conspiracy at play.

“Everyone asks how do I write so fast? How to write all these stories? This was all born out of trauma for me,” the writer, producer, director and actor continued. “As a kid I had to have some imagination just to get through the day and this thing became my gift. Talk about something that works together for your good. It became my gift because it’s there I’m going to write. I can sit alone in a room and hear these voices, hear these people talking, like I’m taking notes… [and] I just wanted to write a story about boy meets girl…and twist and twist it and I can’t even talk too much about it because there’s so many twists and turns people are blown away when they see it.

Rewatch the full interview in the video above and stream it A fall from grace on Netflix on Friday, January 17.


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