US ship management company to provide more jobs for new Filipino sailors


A US-based ship management company has built on the Philippines’ reputation as the most sought-after maritime nation and partnered with a local shipping company to provide opportunities for budding Filipino maritime professionals , as competition grew tougher on the global shipping scene.

Before the pandemic hit the country, the deployment of Filipino seafarers was declining due to several factors, including stiff competition with emerging maritime nations of China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Seafair US, a global ship management company with operations in the United States, Greece, Ukraine and Germany, has chosen the Philippines and partnered with local partner Laurel Carriers PH to democratize maritime crewing and offer opportunities to seafarers in a simple and fair way.

Founded in Greece, Seafair US is a state-of-the-art company that offers fully digital and innovative recruitment of officers and crew by inaugurating a reliable platform to connect foreign shipowners with seafarers from from major sources around the world, including the Philippines, which is considered one of the largest suppliers. of sailors to the world fleet.

It offers SaaS or software as a service where shipowners can take advantage of using the company’s crew software to provide a reliable platform to connect them with sailors from major sources around the world. .

Seafair US has offices in New York, Athens and Berlin and is licensed to operate as an employment agency in Ukraine. Its license to do business in other countries is also pending.

Given the new partnership with Laurel Carriers, an agency duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the latter will represent Seafair’s business operations in the Philippines.

Seafair US, with a focus on technology, is committed to creating a seamless tool for shipowners, ship operators and ship managers for contactless job search and to providing overseas principals with a broad range of choices to select their crew that perfectly matches the requirements of their ships.

Founder Agapitos Diakogiannis realized some inefficiencies in the hiring process as seafarers struggle to find jobs even though their seamanship skills are in high demand in the industry which continues to grow despite the pandemic.

Diakogiannis said that through the platform, recruitment is always based solely on seafarers’ merits, thus fairness is ensured in the recruitment process.

Recruiting through our partner Laurel Carriers, including interviewing, is done virtually from the comfort of their own home, providing Sailors with the utmost convenience. There is also less need to show up at the office during the whole process.

This provides benefits to both seafarers and their employers and ensures fairness in the selection of seafarers by their respective principals and vice versa.

Laurel Carriers has been in business for over two decades and acquired three more vessels in 2021, growing its fleet to 48 vessels of various types.


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