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Warren County resident Vicky L. Cook says her management background would help her sit on the supervisory board.

Cook, 63, from California, is running unopposed in the Nov. 2 election for the Fork Magistrate District seat. She would replace Archie A. Fox, who is not seeking re-election. Cook, who is the vice-chair of the Warren County Republican committee, was nominated by the committee as its candidate.

Cook spoke in a phone interview Thursday about his reasons for seeking a job.

“Now is the time for a lot of people – we have to get involved in our local political levels, after what happened in November, you know, with the elections and how it all happened,” Cook said. “When I was approached (to run) I was, like, oh my god. But after you think about it, you know, and I tell people that, you know, we all have to get involved and so I’m kind of like practicing what I preach and doing it.

Cook spoke of the need for balance and compared the county to a three-legged stool – taxes, public safety and education.

“What I think I can bring to the mix is ​​have a little more critical thinking,” Cook said. “I am truly passionate about common sense solutions that will benefit everyone. “

“Sometimes decisions are made and people wonder, oh, why did they do this,” Cook added. “I’m really passionate about integrity, transparency and accountability so I want to bring that and hopefully complement the leadership we have in the county.”

Cook said she approached issues as a “whole person.”

Cook went on to say that she wanted to “bring unity” to the community and heal from past issues such as the financial scandal surrounding the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority.

Other issues that occur at the national level, such as the integrity of the elections, can affect the local community, Cook said.

Cook graduated from George Mason University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Design Management Information Systems through the School of Business.

Her professional background includes working as a private consultant in program management. Cook has performed audits for civilian agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration.

“So I’m really important for… being a project manager, looking at budgets, managing the performance of running things, getting the job done, and achieving our goals,” Cook said.

Cook said she has lived in Virginia for about 26 years. She and her husband bought a house in Warren County in 2006 with the intention of using it as a retirement home, Cook said. They have lived in the county for about eight years. Both have retired. Cook last worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, first at its Winchester facility and then in Washington, DC. She retired about three years ago.

Cook said she has been active in the community for about five years, including her work for the Republican committee and her outreach efforts. She currently sits on the County Broadband Committee.


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