Wavemaker forms a partnership to develop its project management skills


Wavemaker has partnered with educational technology start-up Multiverse to launch a project management learning program.

The 18-month program will combine virtual classroom training with one-on-one coaching from the global team of experts from Multiverse and Wavemaker. Participants will master essential project management skills, such as navigating complex organizational challenges and developing effective work methods.

A report from the Project Management Institute said that by 2027, global employers will need 87.7 million people working in roles focused on project management. The report also found that 39% of companies were concerned about having access to enough people with the right project management skills, prompting Wavemaker to focus on developing this skill set.

Wavemaker’s investment in this project management academy comes from the Apprenticeship Levy, a UK tax imposed on employers that can be used to fund apprenticeship training.

Dan Jennings, the new head of project management at Wavemaker, said: “Clients want their partner agencies to be professionalized in all areas. Now more than ever, it is important for us to deliver projects that exceed stakeholder expectations.

“Getting the essential foundations for consistent, on-time and high-quality delivery is vital. The Project Management Academy is a valuable addition to our culture, learning and development at Wavemaker, we are proud to partner with Multiverse to further improve essential project management skills within our organization. ”


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