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Weatherford College’s third bachelor’s program begins this fall and is ideal for those working in health science fields to advance their careers.

The Bachelor of Applied Technology in Medical and Health Services Management builds on the success of WC’s health and humanities programs, said Mike Endy, vice president of education and student services.

“WC health science graduates are in high demand,” he said. “While our graduates often excel in their respective fields, the lack of a four-year degree means some have been denied advancement opportunities. These successful professionals can continue their careers while staying close to home thanks to the BAT MHSM.

Dr. Stephen Duarte will serve as program director. He comes to WC from California State University-Northridge, where he was responsible for a similar program.

BAT MHSM courses will be offered in a hybrid online/in-person format to optimize time spent in class while taking into account the work experience of the student.

“While much of the coursework is online, blended courses provide students with opportunities for real-time exchanges that would otherwise be impossible for those participating remotely,” Endy said.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for a variety of leadership positions in the health sciences, including medical practice director, practice administrator, and patient coordinator.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of medical and health services management will grow 32% between 2019 and 2029, and a recent study found 169 current openings in the state of Texas suitable for those who have a BAT MHSM.

Students in Weatherford College’s new bachelor’s degree program will not only advance their educational and career opportunities, but they will do so at the cost of a community college. Graduates may also apply for acceptance into master’s programs in healthcare administration.

“Our new bachelor’s degree in health and medical services management will enable students from all walks of the allied health professions to take on leadership positions in their field,” said WC President Tod Allen Farmer. “This comes at a time when baby boomers need more medical care than ever before, and our hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers are crying out for a skilled workforce. This degree will better serve our students, employers, and members of our community.

Learn more about the program, including application requirements at https://wc.edu/programs/all-programs/bat_mhsm/index.php.


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