Why a Successful Omaha Wealth Management Company Renamed Avior Wealth Management After 10 Years of Service


Ten years ago, Kent nelson, Dutch Van Denburg and Britt campbell opened its wealth management company in Omaha, NE with the intention of deeply understanding their clients and making an impact in their lives. They put their names on the door so customers know exactly where the money was going.

How are you

Over the past decade, they have built a team of over 50 people committed to serving with the level of integrity, excellence and care they represent. Team members now serve wonderful clients across the country from the following locations:

  • Omaha, NE (Headquarter)
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • Franklin, Tennessee

And they’re just getting started.

To learn more about Avior, visit: aviorwealth.com

According to the general manager, Britt campbell, “We are now taller than any other person (or 3 people) and honestly we’ve always stood for something that goes way beyond what any of our names can capture.”

Why Avior?

It was time to give their company a name that represents their team as a whole and what they believe in when it comes to serving customers.

Over the years, they have strived to get to know their clients and what is really important to them so that they can intentionally guide them through all phases of their life. As they took a closer look at what it really means when know their customers, they realized that it boils down to one idea: the goal.

What is the real purpose of their wealth? What significant purpose does this serve in their life?

Avior is one of the 58 navigation stars. Once customers have identified their Avior – the purpose behind their heritage – the Avior Wealth Management team works with them to develop a financial plan that helps them navigate every step of their life, always keeping clients aligned with their true goal.

This is the kind of financial planning which fully represents their company. If helping clients plan with intention is what they do, helping clients live their most meaningful lives is who are they. And now their name helps tell that story.

They are grateful for the trust of their clients and their team look forward to guiding their community members and families for years to come as Avior Wealth Management.

About Avior Wealth Management, LLC:
Avior Wealth Management, LLC, formerly Nelson, Van denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group, LLC, is an SEC registered investment adviser providing financial planning and investment management services to retail and institutional clients across the United States. Avior Wealth Management, LLC and its predecessor were established in 2008 to provide clients with a holistic approach to their investments, financial planning and wealth management. With offices currently located in five states, we offer our clients a team approach to their financial needs. Please note that investments are not guaranteed and subject to risks, including loss of invested capital.

Media contact:
Audrey M. Keel, Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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