Window installer with complaints working with a management company


According to a press release sent by Cogent Analytics on May 18, a Menomonee Falls window installer under fire from customers is working with an outside consulting firm to resolve a “variety of operational and financial issues.”

“Although we are directly involved in guiding every decision within Windows [sic] The operations of Select we cannot represent “full operational and management control,” the press release said.

The information in the press release differs from what Window Select told customers on May 12. In that email, Window Select stated that “Cogent has assumed complete management and operational control of Window Select, and our current management team will step back from the business.”

The president of North Carolina-based Cogent Analytics told Contact 6 that he is “doing everything possible” to honor Window Select’s obligations to its customers.

Over the past year, Contact 6 has received 64 consumer complaints about the window installer – most of them about work delayed by months.

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Window Select is also facing small claims cases, a class action lawsuit and an eviction from its warehouse.

In a letter to customers, Window Select said its “core business is still strong” – and that it is committed to completing installation work for all of its existing customers within the next six months.

Cogent Analytics press release

Rob Braiman, President and CEO of Cogent Analytics

Thank you for contacting us to clarify our service offerings for Window Select. Cogent Analytics is a business consulting firm, we are currently working with Windows Select and the business owner. Cogent Analytics works diligently with Windows Select to resolve a variety of operational and financial issues that have arisen in their short-term history. Although we have a direct stake in guiding every decision within the operations of Windows Select, we cannot represent “complete operational and management control”. We do not partner with the client as a fiduciary, but are more than happy to share relationship details with you if required. Additionally, we strongly believe that Windows Select works absolutely every day to “right the ship” and that we want to do the right thing for their customers and the community at large.

Cogent Analytics’ mission is to do good for this customer and the people of Wisconsin. We are a business advisory firm committed to transparency and integrity. We help protect the interests of our clients from a global business perspective and consider it an honor to provide our consulting services which can have a significant impact on the business, family and ultimately the community of a customer.

Select Email to Customers window on May 12

To our valued Window Select customers –

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you directly and share what Window Select is already doing with our customers.

Frankly, it has been disappointing to see the ongoing barrage of attacks and relentless efforts to denigrate our company. The unfortunate ways others have chosen to represent Window Select over the past few weeks have been inaccurate, lacking in context, one-sided, and at times unfair and damaging.

Despite all of this, our core business is still strong and we remain focused and committed to our customers, associates and partners. As a company, we made a proactive decision – months before any initial media coverage – to take strategic steps that would best position Window Select for short-term and long-term success.

Initially, in January 2022, we engaged a trusted third-party business management consultancy, Cogent Analytics, to work directly with our management team to assist with the operational and financial management of Window Select, including the reengineering of our operations. , restructure our finances and improve our installation process.

Additionally, effective this week, Cogent has assumed full management and operational control of Window Select, and our current management team will step back from the business.

This transition will help Window Select achieve its growth goals while continuing to provide high quality products to our customers. Over the past 90 days, we have already made dramatic changes under Cogent’s leadership, including but not limited to:

  • Establish a customer service division to convey more accurate delivery and installation timesWe are committed to service and complete installation for all existing customers within the next five to six months, at the latest
  • We are committed to service and complete installation for all existing customers within the next five to six months, at the latest.
  • Eliminate our marketing and sales efforts, allowing us to better focus and care for existing customers
  • Significantly reduce overhead to help strengthen our financial position and the overall health of the business

More importantly, having engaged Cogent enables us to continue to do whatever is necessary to uphold our agreements, especially with our customers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and being a trusted partner to our customers is of the utmost importance.

While the past few weeks have been challenging for our business, our sole focus has been to ensure our customers are taken care of. This priority remains today and will continue to move forward.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.


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